Accortec Storage

Accortec offers a full range of HP, DELL and IBM equivalent storage devices. The Accortec version is the same product without the OEM label.  We use the same exact assembly as the OEM’s, the same quality product, but offered at a discount.  Please send us an email with the needed OEM Part Number and we will send you our best available prices.
OEM Equivalent Storage
  • Server Hard Drives
    • DELL Equivalent Hard Drives
    • HP Equivalent Hard Drives
    • IBM Equivalent Hard Drives
  • Enterprise SSD
    • Enterprise 2.5 SATA III SLC
    • Enterprise 2.5 SATA III MLC
  • Industrial SSD
    • Industrial 2.5 SATA II SLC
    • Industrial 2.5 SATA II MLC
    • Industrial 1.8 SATA II SLC
    • Industrial 1.8 SATA II MLC
    • Industrial 2.5 PATA SLC
    • Industrial 2.5 PATA MLC
  • Embedded SSD
    • Industrial mSATA
    • Industrial mSATA mini
    • Industrial SlimSATA
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