Why Accortec

About Accortec Incorporated

Accortec Incorporated was founded to provide the highest level of service, products and knowledge to Value Added Resellers, enterprise customers and government agencies. Our DRAM and server memory solutions have a "lockdown" build of materials (BOM) not commonly found in the commercial sector… not even among the largest manufacturers. A lockdown BOM is critical for the High Performance Computing (HPC) found in most modern data centers.

We are committed to understanding your mission critical needs and providing solutions that exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on turning simple acquisitions into long-term relationships. 

Tier 1 Products
Accortec is dedicated to providing Tier 1 OEM DRAM, flash memory and storage solutions at low prices so you can maximize your budget without having to compromise quality. 

Our sales staff and management have over 20 years of DRAM and flash manufacturing experience. We’re firsthand witnesses to the exponential growth of DRAM, and we’ve been on the ground floor of the commercial and industrial flash revolution. 

Accortec's ability to constantly think outside the box has redefined electronic promotional media solutions. Customizable Ultra Slim USB Media, DataMobi USB Flash and other exciting upcoming products will allow you to realize the full potential of your marketing through innovative content delivery.
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